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Bitcolony Review - Legit Business Opportunity or Scam? Find Out Here

Bitcolony Review - Legit Business Opportunity or Scam? Find Out Here.

Bitcolony Review - Legit Business Opportunity or Scam? Find Out Here. Bitcoin, Forex , investment

This is a new investment vehicle for people who want to participate in crypto-currency investing but lacking the expertise and skills to analyze and continuously gain returns.

I have try testing the durability of the system and I can say that the system actually works, I registered on Bitcolony and I saw my investment growing as promised 5.47% increase every 4 hour. I have not make an attempt to withdraw because my investment is yet to mature (31 days) as I write this blog post, but I can say it's worth trying, I have friends that have invested in Bitcolony and have cash out there profit as promised and I have some of their screenshots, payment prove and cash out on the platform.

The system is still new and I believe it's might stand the test of time. To register on the platform is quite easy, follow or click on the link below to get register.

Click here to register

You are required to invest at least $20 in bitcoin. If you don't have a bitcoin or bitcoin wallet, I can link you with someone who can help you to get it.

Your investment will have to remain in the platform for a period of  31 days before you can cash out your earnings and you can also reinvest. You can't cash out your earnings if it's not yet 31 days. Every investment it's worth trying, I only advice you to use your spare money.

Payment prove, invest wisely.

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What is happening to Ethereum? Ethereum Crypto-Currency Price and News

What is happening to ethereum?

What is happening to ethereum? 

 cryptocurrency price and news 

The price of ethereum remains constant but the demand for it against naria and other currencies is dropping? This lead to an increase in the quantity of amount of ethereum purchase at a given price.

If you purchased an ethereum last week when the demand was high, the amount of ethereum received will be less compare to buying an ethereum as at this morning 9th of March 2018, but there is a big pullback in the Crypto-currency market this afternoon leading to an increase in the price of both ethereum and bitcoin.

Based on my observations, I noticed that anytime there is an increase or decrease in bitcoin, there is always a corresponding increase or decrease in price of ethereum, which in turn lead to both currencies having graph that looks a like, meaning both currencies are moving in the same velocity at different prices level.

What is happening to ethereum?

What is happening to ethereum?

January demand and price index showing an increasing in both ethereum and bitcoin, increasing at the same velocity at the same time.

What is happening to ethereum?

What is happening to ethereum?  For some reasons now, the graph of both bitcoin and ethereum are slightly different now, and I noticed that ethereum is dropping in price which in turn might affect the price of bitcoin, I think there is an opportunity to invest in both coins ? This is for risk seek only.

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The Technology Hype Cycle [ Understanding How Crypto-currency Work]

The Technology Hype Cycle [ Understanding How Cry]pto-currency Work

The Technology Hype Cycle [ Understanding How Cry]pto-currency Work

Hello everyone,
The price of Bitcoin is down by 30% to 50% since just yesterday.
I have been waiting for that to happen -- before investing time into the discussion we need to have today.

           (For those of you just joining us, you can follew our previous discussion and also go through our free Forex training programs

Here's  what's happening with Bitcoin -- and what will happen:
Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are progressing through the standard Technology Hype Cycle (read Wikipedia article):

The Technology Hype Cycle [ Understanding How Cry]pto-currency Work
 It is what happens to virtually all new technologies.

Heres how it works:

At first, as more and more people become aware of the new technology, it starts to rise in popularity:

The Technology Hype Cycle [ Understanding How Cry]pto-currency Work

The media capitalizes on the excitement, helping to further build excitement for the technology's future.

Then, as the excitement level exceeds reality about the technology's current capability it reaches the peak of inflated expectations:

The Technology Hype Cycle [ Understanding How Cry]pto-currency Work

That is where, as the name suggests, expectations are inflated beyond the capacity of the technology to deliver value.
In the case of Bitcoin and other coins, consider that:

1.  A currencys purpose is to buy and sell things.
How many places can you shop at, with your Bitcoin? Virtually none.

2.  Blockchain, as a technology, has serious issues that have not been resolved. Without boring you with technical details, in its current form, it will not scale. That means its getting harder and harder for the Bitcoin platform to handle transactions.
And it will come to a halt unless there are some serious changes to how it works technically, which will be very difficult to implement, given that there is no company or focused group in control of it.

3.  There are other new approaches that solve the problems that Bitcoin has.
Just yesterday community member Jeannette pointed out how a new approach, called HashGraph, is massively more scaleable than Blockchain -- meaning that it solves the largest problems with blockchain.

But it is totally different from Blockchain and is not a solution for Bitcoin.
Will HashGraph win? Or will it be any of 10 other interesting approaches?
Who knows! What matters is that the technical part is just one consideration. There are many other considerations, such as:

1.  How can the coin be used? Are there a massive number of products and services that can be purchased with the coin?
2.  Is there a company behind it working to remove roadblocks in front of it, whenever they appear?
3.  Is there a community that's working to get it adopted beyond a bunch of people that are just buying it in the hopes that its price will go up, so they can sell it for a quick profit?

Here's the issue:
To make big things happen, it requires a massive amount of coordinated effort and work.
And that takes time.

Taking time means there's no Get Rich Quick possibility.
So, as reality catches up with the technology as it becomes clear that those things (1, 2 and 3 above) do not exist yet -- the crash begins:

The Technology Hype Cycle [ Understanding How Cry]pto-currency Work

During the crash, the media once again capitalizes on the opportunity, and everyone rushes to sell.

Some people will lose their life savings, friends, family and even their lives. It's very sad.

After the crash, we enter the trough of disillusionment phase:

The Technology Hype Cycle [ Understanding How Cry]pto-currency Work

During the trough (valley) period, everything associated with the technology (in this case, coins) becomes equated with garbage.

Just say the word coin and youll be looked at like youre an idiot.
Just like the peak, the trough is also exaggerated.

The winners

So, if all technologies go through this process, who are the winners?
The winners are those people that can see through all of this
because from the very beginning -- they were knowledgeable about the Technology Hype Cycle.

Because of that knowledge, from the beginning, they expected it all to go like that.
They are the only ones that were able to stay focused and keeping pushing forward.

And when all the speculators and Get Rich Quick people have moved on to the next shiny object, the process enters the Slope of Enlightenment:

The Technology Hype Cycle [ Understanding How Cry]pto-currency Work

That is where, little by little, the technology keeps growing in value

if those coins are acceptable as a medium of exchange, because more and more people are earning it though the buying and selling of goods and services.

and using it at more and more local merchants
 with each force (buyers and sellers) attracting more of the other.
... because it has hit that magical point called the inflection point where it cannot be stopped:

The Technology Hype Cycle [ Understanding How Cry]pto-currency Work

 The next period we enter is called the Plateau of Productivity:

The Technology Hype Cycle [ Understanding How Cry]pto-currency Work

So, what's the right strategy for all of us, as individuals?

1.  Don't buy into the hype. The best way to do that is to not buy coin (Bitcoin or any other).
If you do buy, dont buy too much, so its ups and down dont affect your ability to focus.
Your purchases should amount to entertainment like the amount you would be comfortable spending on going to the movies.
That means that if you do bid on any coin before it's lunch in the auction, place a low MAX BID PRICE per coin so that (if you do win) the price you received per coin is very low.
(If that approach causes you to not win any coins, that's OK. You'll have plenty of opportunity to earn coins going forward)

We must stay focused during the Peaks and the Valleys.
Dont buy into the hype when everyone's shouting that this is the best way to make big money overnight.
And don't buy into the depression when everyone gets depressed.

And finally.
So, will Bitcoin now continue to crash, or is this a temporary correction?
In other words, is it still on its way towards the Peak, or has it passed the peak and is on its way towards the valley (the trough of disillusionment)?
No one knows.

What we do know is that:
1.  Bitcoin WILL follow the Technology Hype Cycle, as all technologies before and after it will.
2.  And as it does, since it has the most eyeballs on it, all other cryptocurrencies will follow it up or down the cycle, as the market doesn't and won't have the ability to distinguish them from each other.

PS:  For those of you interested in more details on the Technology Hype Cycle (graph from Wikipedia):
The Technology Hype Cycle [ Understanding How Cry]pto-currency Work

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

TestBirds Usabilily Testing Review: How testbird work?

TestBirds Usability Testing Review: Get Paid To Find Bugs

Testbirds Overview

Munich, Bayern (Germany)
1 to 50 employees
Company - Private
Information Technology
$1 to $5 million (USD) per year

The impressive thing about TestBirds is that they accept complete beginners and experienced testers.Even if you don’t have the ability to find errors in code, there’re tests available for you.
In this TestBirds Review I’ll show you how it works, how to earn, how to get paid, and the complaints I have with this usability testing job and more.
TestBirds Usability Testing Review
Site: TestBirds
Price: Free To Join
Verdict: Legitimate
In this TestBirds Usability Testing Review, I marked it legitimate because there’re quite a few members that are making great money with this site along with complete newbies making some extra side cash.

I like that this site is available to people without experience and that payments seem to be pretty quick and easy. To be honest, this is a hard site to cover completely because there’s many variations in the tests available, payment amount, and skill level. I’ve done my best to give you an idea of what joining TestBirds as a beginner would be like in the rest of this review.

What Is Usability Testing?

If you’re not familiar with Usability Testing, it’s viewing a website, completing some tasks, and giving your opinion about the site. For your time you’re paid cash. Now some of the jobs on TestBirds get into much more detail, but that’s the basic process of usability testing.
If you’re experienced, you can also find bugs and test apps, video games, and much more. It all depends on your ability level, but know that there’s very basic tests that almost anyone can complete.

What Are the Requirements to Register as a Tester For Testbirds?

You already know that any skill level can join TestBirds, this means complete beginners or experienced app testers. You will need to pass a test before any projects are available. It seems that TestBirds is available in most countries and nearly any age is accepted (parental consistent is required).

The only other requirement is having at least a computer or smartphone if you have both even better. Some tests might require you to have a webcam. I recommend this high-quality webcam. Testbirds appears to be open worldwide, and they claim to accept testers of all ages. However, if you’re under 18, you’ll have to send them a parent or guardian consent form before being allowed to accept any paid tests.

What is My Overall Impression of Testbirds?

Testbirds seems like a great “side job" for someone who enjoys this kind of work. I don’t think you could do it full-time, since the work is all project based.

What Do Others Think of Testbirds?

Because Testbirds is still fairly new, I was only able to find one review on Glassdooor. It earned a 3 out of 5 star rating. You can read the feedback here.

How Can an Interested Applicant Apply to Testbirds?

Go to the home page to sign up. And if you’re looking for more companies like Testbirds, definitely consider UserTesting. They are one of the most known.
Good luck to all who apply.

Joining and How It Works?

Pretty much anyone can create an account at TestBirds, Once you sign up for an account, you’ll be required to fill out your profile, register any devices you want to do testing on, and successfully complete an entry test. The entry test is just so Testbirds can determine you know what to do and that you are familiar with their platform prior to completing any paid tests.
Testbirds will send you updates on projects that will be starting once you are in their system. Some of these projects are only for particular age groups or locations, so make sure that you read the requirements. You are free to decline or accept any test invites you receive.

How Much and When Do You Get Paid?

The pay may vary between $10 to $40 per completed test. A test can be at least 20 minutes, but may be much longer. A study or test can take between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Bonuses are also given for finding certain errors. Payment is made via PayPal once the project is complete.
Note the pay is listed in Euros, so you’ll have to find a currency conversion calculator online to see the amount you’ll make for your country.

TestBirds Complaints

I’ve seen a few sites out there that are promoting TestBirds as a larger income than it is.You should know that beginners can’t turn this into a full-time or substantial income. The main reason is that there’re not enough tests to complete. You’d need 15-20 tests to put in a full day of work with this site, but there might only be a few tests a week.

Also, some tests do pay $50, but it looks like most beginner tests are around $10. It’s going to take you a ton of tests at $10 to build a full-time income.
With that being said I know on some other sites that there’re some full-time testers, but they are very experienced and are sought after for very advanced testing. A beginner won’t have the opportunity for this.

Is TestBirds A Usability Testing Scam?

Usability Testing at TestBirds is not a scam; there are reviews across the internet with all good things to say about this site and include payment proof. I like that they take complete beginners and that they let you take tests on your smartphone.

As long as you know the income you can make testing website and apps at TestBirds is just extra income; you should be pretty happy as a member. If you’re an experienced tester that completes advanced tests I left you out of this review but from what I’ve heard TestBirds is a perfect place for advanced testers as well.

If you’d like to learn more or to join, you can visit to get started.
Usability Testing isn’t the only way to earn money online. If you’d like to learn how to make a significant online income, check out

My #1 Recommendation. If you’re happy with a small supplementary income, here’s some other extra income sites I highly recommend.
Have you tested for TestBirds? Think it’s a Scam? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this review in the comments below.

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Ghana seeks 'enhanced relationship' with China: finance minister

Ghana seeks 'enhanced relationship' with China: finance minister

Ghana seeks 'enhanced relationship' with China: finance minister

ACCRA (Reuters) - Ghana's new government will seek to enhance its relationship with China in order to help develop its economy, Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta told reporters on Sunday.

He said the ministry would on Monday hold its second meeting with the Chinese embassy since President Nana Akufo-Addo was sworn in on Jan. 7, noting that loans would be on the agenda.
China Development Bank agreed a $3 billion loan facility with Ghana in 2011 but only about $1 billion was disbursed.
China plays a major role in Ghana's economy, both as a source of imports of consumer goods and also as an importer of Ghana's gold, oil and cocoa.
Akufo-Addo came to power after campaigning on promises to create jobs, restore fiscal discipline and promote development while seeking to restore Ghana to its position as one of Africa's most dynamic economies.
Since taking over the finance ministry, Ofori-Atta has said the budget deficit and government debt are much higher than had been expected, adding pressure to public finances.



Thursday, 2 February 2017

Coal rule killed by US. Congress, others near chopping block

By Lisa Lambert
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Congress moved swiftly on Thursday to undo Obama-era rules on the environment, corruption, labor and guns, with the Senate wiping from the books a rule aimed at reducing water pollution.
By a vote of 54-45, the Senate approved a resolution already passed in the House of Representatives to kill the rule aimed at keeping pollutants out of streams in areas near mountaintop removal coal-mining sites.
The resolution now goes to President Donald Trump, who is expected to sign it quickly. It was only the second time the Congressional Review Act, which allows lawmakers to stop newly minted regulations in their tracks, has been used successfully since it was passed in 2000.
The Senate then turned to an equally controversial rule requiring mining and energy companies such as Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM) and Chevron (NYSE:CVX) to disclose taxes and other payments they make to governments at home and abroad. Democrats, who cannot filibuster the resolution, attempted to slow the process by pushing debate late into the night, with a vote scheduled for shortly after 6:30 a.m. on Friday.
Republicans are using their control of Congress and the White House to attack regulations they believe hurt the economy. They cast the stream protection rule as harming industry and usurping state rights.
"The Obama Administration’s stream buffer rule was an attack against coal miners and their families,” said the top Senate Republican, Mitch McConnell, adding it had threatened jobs in his home state of Kentucky.
Environmental activists and many Democrats said it would have made drinking water safer by monitoring for pollutants such as lead.
"Given that many of these toxins are known to cause birth defects, developmental delays, and other health and environmental impacts, this basic monitoring provision was essential," said Jeni Collins, associate legislative representative for environmental group Earthjustice.
The coal industry hopes the repeal will lead Trump to overturn a moratorium by former President Barack Obama's administration on some coal leases.
Senator Joe Manchin, who represents West Virginia, historically coal country, was one of the few Democrats who supported killing the rule. He told CNN more than 400 changes had been made to the regulation as it was drafted.
"There's nobody in West Virginia that wants dirty water and dirty air, but you can't throw 400 different regulations ... on top of what we already have and expect anyone to survive," he said.
Also on Thursday, the House on Thursday overturned Obama administration rules addressing pay discrimination at federal contractors and requiring expanded background checks for gun purchasers who receive Social Security benefits and have a history of mental illness. It plans on Friday to kill a measure addressing methane emissions on public lands. The Senate will then take all three up.
The Senate is also targeting rules enacted in the final months of Obama's administration for extinction. Senator David Perdue, a Republican from Georgia, introduced on Wednesday a resolution for killing one intended to protect users of gift and prepaid cards.
Under the Congressional Review Act, lawmakers can vote to undo regulations with a simple majority. Agencies cannot revisit overturned regulations. Timing in the law means any regulation enacted since May is eligible for repeal.
The House already approved a resolution ending the rule that requires oil companies to publicly state taxes and payments, which is part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law.
Republicans and some oil and mining companies say the rule is burdensome and costly and duplicates other long-standing regulations.
Supporters of the rule see it as vital for exposing bribery and questionable financial ties U.S. companies may have with foreign governments, as well as showing shareholders how their money is spent.

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“Forex” is simply an abbreviation for “foreign exchange.” All foreign ex-change transactions involve two currencies. If an individual trader, a bank a government, a corporation, or a tourist in a Hawaiian print shirt on a tropical island decides to exchange one currency for another, a Forex trade takes place.
In every instance, one currency is being bought and, simultaneously, another currency is being sold. Currencies must be compared to something else in order to establish value; this is why Forex trading involves two currencies. If you and I go to the beach and I tell you the tide is low right now, how do you know this is true? You may decide to compare the current water level to the pier.

If there are starfish and mussels exposed on the pier, you may believe me because you can compare the current water level to the previous water level. In Forex, we compare currencies in much the same way, currencies are traded in pairs and, thus, one currency is always compared to another currency.

An example may be helpful to illustrate how currencies are traded. If you are a hotshot Forex trader, and you believe that the EUR/USD is going to go up, you may decide to buy the EUR/USD. Thus, you think that the Euro currency will get stronger, and the U.S. dollar will weaken. You are buying the EUR/USD /currency pair, another way to look at this is to say you are buying Euros and simultaneously selling U.S. dollars.

The unique (and often difficult to understand) aspect of Forex trading to keep in mind is this: Each Forex transaction involves the buying of one currency pair and simultaneously the selling of another currency pair. If you have experience buying or selling in any market the stock market, a futures market, an options market, the baseball card market, or the used car market then you understand markets. For any market transaction a buyer wants to buy something and a seller wants to get rid of something.

The Forex market is simply a money market, the place where speculators exchange one currency for another. In many ways, the Forex market is no different from the stock market. The major differences between Forex and the stock market are as follows: A Forex transaction involves buying one currency pair and selling another, also, the symbols to identify Forex pairs are consistent and systematic, unlike the symbols used to identify companies listed on a stock exchange.

Forex traders buy and sell countries. It is true:Forex traders are basically buying “shares” in a country, just as a stock trader buys shares in a company. For example, if Forex trader Tara decides to sell the EUR/USD, she is essentially selling the European Union (and buying the United States).
To be even more specific, we might suggest Tara is buying thee conomy of the United States, and selling the economy of the European Union.Does this mean that Tara must keep tabs on all the economic data for all the countries that she is trading?

The short answer is no, but we will talk more about news and trading based on economic news and data a bit further on in the next article. Just as a stock has a symbol, so do currencies.
In our next article, we will discuss about the most popular currencies, their symbols and every other things you need to know on Forex pricing.

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